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High performance in an eco-friendly reader

The EcoReader is a high power RFID reader designed for applications that require a large read range or must be able to detect a large amount of RFID tags simultaneously. These applications include anti-theft detection antennas and intelligent shelves. Start saving energy.

We think every miliwatt counts. That's why we ship every EcoReader with a free energy management module, that can save up to 60% in energy consumption. The module does this by enabling you to decide at which time you want the reader to be powered and when you want it to shut down. 

Extra performance

Different libraries require different solutions. By carefully re-engineering the printed-circuit board layout, we have managed to fit a wide range of functionality into one product. All you need in one small box. Libraries also differ in terms of the amount of Audio/Visual items they have in their collection. As Audio/Visual items need extra energy for reliable detection, some libraries have the need for security gates that can generate more power. The Eco-reader can deliver this extra power. Via a two-channel multiplexer that is built into every Eco-reader, one reader can do the job of two. This way, within the natural boundaries of RFID, you can create greater gate widths or increase detection levels, when and where you need it.

Tested ourselves

As we produce and test all EcoReaders ourselves, we are confident about the quality of the products we provide you with. Therefore, each EcoReader comes with a 3-year warranty on all components. Because we believe in what we do.

  • Physical specifications

    Article numbers:


    Dimensions (mm):

    Ca. 230 x 350 x 71 (l x w x h)




    Ca. 2kg


    Check-in / Check-out / Security Gates / Smallest Branch



    Mounting: Can be mounted on wall using supplied DIN-rails.


    RFID specifications




    13.56 MHz

    Maximal power:



    ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3.1

    EAS function:

    Yes, based on EAS-bits (NXP-iC) and/or AFI

    Tags: SLI-S, SLI-L, SLI-X, SLI-X-S, SLI-X-L, and SLI-X2



    Communication ports:

    USB / UTP

    Max length communication cable

    USB: 5m / UTP: 90m

    IP address:

    Static / DHCP

    Antenna connectors: 4x 50Ω BNC connector


    • Easy to install
    • Network or USB connection
    • Remote supervision
    • EAS activation / deactivation
    • Multi-label ID
    • Ecological
    • Password features supported for applicable tags

Find out more about the EcoReader

High performance in an eco-friendly reader.

Download the brochure to find out more.

  • Verbuchungsstationen für Bibliothekare
    Verbuchungsstationen für Bibliothekare
  • Selbstverbucherstation
  • Intelligente Rücknahmeregale
    Intelligente Rücknahmeregale
  • RFID Booster-Etiketten
    RFID Booster-Etiketten
  • Librix Online
    Librix Online
  • Sortierlösungen für Innenbereiche
    Sortierlösungen für Innenbereiche
  • Sortierlösungen für Außenbereiche
    Sortierlösungen für Außenbereiche
  • Libassist Handscanner
    Libassist Handscanner
  • EcoReader
  • BiblioCheck 6
    BiblioCheck 6
  • MidRanger
  • SelfServer
  • PG45i
  • PG45
  • PG50

Über uns

Nedap Library Solutions ist eine Abteilung innerhalb Nedap und der größte Anbieter von Intelligenten RFID-Lösungen für den Bibliothekssector.

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