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Nedap Librix integrates with open-source library system Koha

Nedap Librix integrates with open-source library system Koha

Am Friday, 31 August 2012.

Nedap systems are compatible with industry protocols such as SIP2 and NCIP. With our RFID solutions we are able to communicate with over 40 different library management systems worldwide. Among these systems is the open-source Integrated Library System Koha.

Koha is an award-winning library management system and the first in use as an open-source automation solution on the market. This LMS is web based, so there is no need to install any software. Nowadays it is in use by hundreds of libraries worldwide. 

Nedap Librix has integrated its RFID solutions with Koha in several libraries around the world such as the public library of Coruña in Spain and the public library of Moscow in Russia. Check our references for more installations in your region.

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Nedap Library Solutions ist eine Abteilung innerhalb Nedap und der größte Anbieter von Intelligenten RFID-Lösungen für den Bibliothekssector.

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