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Nedap Librix in India

Nedap Librix in India

Am Wednesday, 28 November 2012.

Nedap Librix attended the NACLIN 2012, the 15th National Convention on Knowledge, Library and Information Network, in collaboration with Beegees Computers Pvt Ltd. This Convention was held from November 20-22 at the University of Baroda in India, organized by DELNET- Developing Library Network.

The conference theme was Libraries for the Future: Collection, Competences and Cooperation. The library community is celebrating 100 years of its library movement. ‎ Libraries and information management have undergone unprecedented changes in India in the past and more so in ‎the last few decades. In order to prepare for the future, it is pertinent for library professionals to discuss and deliberate on the ‘Libraries for ‎the Future’ in order to combat the enormous challenges.

At the event, Nedap Librix presented its RFID solutions to the participants. The librarians, knowledge seekers, government officials, information professionals and IT experts that were present showed great interest in the Nedap Librix RFID solutions.

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Nedap Library Solutions ist eine Abteilung innerhalb Nedap und der größte Anbieter von Intelligenten RFID-Lösungen für den Bibliothekssector.

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